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Setting up FlashBox PV10 LED

Before you can fully understand "Quicker Workflow":

  • Must watch this FIRST
  • The Setup: 1. Setting EOS Utility and 2. Camera Setup
  • Using the Camera: 1. Camera Encore and 2. Composition
  • Setting Up Adobe Software and the Learning Tools:
    1. Setting Up Adobe PhotoShop
  • Core Know How: 1. Levels 1, and 2. Levels 2

Do not attempt to understand the Quicker Workflow without also having taken the time and effort to understand the basics of the tutorials listed above.


Quicker Workflow: JPEG Vs RAW


Everyone agrees that our tutorials are amazing, but we still want you to use customer support so we can make sure you are getting the most from PhotoCubics Inc., FlashBox.

Must watch this FIRST

The Setup

 Setting Up EOS Utility

Camera Set Up

Using the Camera

Camera Encore


Setting Up Adobe Software and Learning the Tools

Setting Up Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw 

Shortcut Keys in PhotoShop

 Layers in Adobe PhotoShop

 Setting Up Adobe PhotoShop

Tools in PhotoShop 

Core Know How
Only after Camera and basic PhotoShop lessons, or if you have some prior PhotoShop experience

Levels 1

Levels 2

Fine tuning the image:
Only after you master Core Know How

 Sharpening Image

Hue & Saturation Adjustment

Exposure Adjustment Edit

 Select Color Adjustment

Bringing it all together

Editorial Style Shooting

Shooting Birdseye

Quick 3/4 View Ring

 Edit A-Z Pink Gold Ring

Shooting Dangly Earrings

Engagement Ring 1

White Pearls white background

Black Background x2

Crystal Platen for rings

Replace Stones Technique

Faux Emerald Brooch

Engagement Ring 2

Shoot and edit Watches

Edit Necklace




360 Videos with pure white background are a snap with any of our "V" series FlashBoxes. Simple setup and record, 3 step edit, convert and post. But you really should learn everything else first.

360 Video Shoot Edit