Two ways to get pictures of your jewelry/products...

The first is to hire a legitimate professional jewelry/product photographer.

The second is to do it yourself.

Hiring the real pro

How difficult is Jewelry Photography?

It is so difficult that when you Google Jewelry Photographers in New York City that has 11,000 jewelers, you get a list of 14, and when you look at the websites to see who's legitimate it shrinks down to 4 maybe 5.

The second largest jewelry district in the USA is Los Angeles. Google returns a similar list and then reality checking the websites narrows it down to 4.

So, with NYC and Los Angeles combined there are maybe nine legitimate professional jewelry photographers. This is easy enough for you verify, do the Google search for yourself.

The reason there are so very few legitimate professional jewelry photographers is that to learn jewelry photography using studio techniques takes several years. There are no schools that teach it, at least not honest ones. Every professional jewelry photographer has to learn by trial and error, and the only way to profit from the years of learning is to be located in a concentrated area of Jewelers, and that means NYC or LA.

What do legitimate professional jewelry photographers charge?
Legitimate professional jewelry photographers do not list prices, and for good reason... each piece of jewelry presents its own challenges, hence each piece takes a different time investment, time is money, and the photographers' livelihoods depend upon getting paid enough to pay for very expensive equipment, studio space, employees, living cost, and they still have to make a profit plus some for rainy days and so on. So yes, they are expensive, and rightly so.

The rates for legitimate professional jewelry photographers start at no less than $55.00 for a simple wedding band with no stones and a simple shot, and this does not include a pure white background. But don't you have to have pure white background for point of sales? Yes you do. So that pushes the price per image to about $75.00 for that wedding band, and it skyrockets from there, think several hundred dollars and more for a semi complex necklace.


Hiring the wannabe pro:
A wannabe is a struggling photographer you offered an opportunity, and they jump at it because they've never photographed jewelry before. But after a few days of the living hell of trying to do the pictures in a timeframe that makes their $10 per image pay they throw in the towel because no one can afford to work for $5 or less per hour; it's 2016, not 1975. So don't be mad at them, they likely gave it an honest try, but truth is that they are not professional jewelry photographers and they quickly discover that they don't want to be because not only is it difficult, but if they aren't in NYC or LA there are not enough jewelers to draw good and steady customers from.

And so it is that you will never find a baby, wedding, event et al photographer that knows how to photograph jewelry, or even products for that matter.


Doing it yourself:
This question needs to be asked again; 'How difficult is Jewelry Photography?'

You're not a professional photographer, and definitely not a professional jewelry or product photographer. You have no interest in investing years to learn by trial and error, nor the fortune needed for photographic equipment, big rent studio space, employees, and so on. That' not you.

But somehow you imagine that you will replace the legitimate professional with some cheap tent, tabletop kit, or bogus photo light box? Where is the logic and common sense here?

Beware, there are lots of companies eager to prey upon you with the baited promise that all you have to do is point and shoot and that by some magical invisible wand you'll have professional quality images of your jewelry. They offer this completely fantastical promise at prices between $40 and $22,000, and the truth is that none of them come even remotely close to delivering on those fantastical promises. This is because while you can take a snapshot of jewelry, you will then spend hours and hours fixing the images, but because you are not a photo editing guru specializing in fixing images of jewelry, your end result will be disappointing. You will not have the kind of pictures that project the reputable image your business must have, the image of quality and trust. Only high quality professional images earn trust, and you must earn your customers' trust if you are going to have successful sales numbers.

Let's look at some of the fantastical promise those eager sellers of magical tabletop kits and photo light boxes fully expect you to swoon for, after all, they will tell you exactly what you want to hear, but what you want to hear has no truth in reality.


Tabletop Kits:
The fantastical whim that a shoestring gadget is going to produce professional pictures;
Typical kits like these sell two or three fluorescent lamps and a tent or some gizmo they call a sweep background.

The lamps are of the poorest quality, the wrong color light, and such low light output that it is baffling that people fall for these kits.

The price for these fantastical tabletop kit promises range from $40.00 to about $600.00

Now for $600.00 you would think that it has to be something special, but closer examination proves that the light used is only marginally more than the $40.00 kits. Uh huh, and, wow!

The truth is simple, for between $40.00 and $600.00 you cannot honestly expect to come anywhere close to professional images, and common sense proves this out as long as you do not think that legitimate professionals are stupid, after all, they spent a real fortune to become working professionals, and if a cheap trick $40.00 to $600.00 tabletop kit could do the job, even close, they would buy those. Actually, they would not, what they would really do is find a different profession because if cheap tricks actually worked there would be no customers for specialized professional jewelry photographers.

Hope we're done with the fantastical tabletop notions.


Photo Light Boxes:
Beware: All talk no show and no go.
Typical photo light boxes look remarkably like microwave ovens, and some look like breadboxes or toaster ovens.

They more or less toss inside the box one or a few lamps of the poorest quality, the wrong color light, low light output, and terrible color rendering index. Alas none of this concerns the sellers who know that their prospective buyers know nothing about real photography, so they slap together these gee-whiz boxes and then turn on the salesmanship charm to sell you a completely bogus bill of goods.

They spin quite the yarn, they tell you all about the fluorescent lamps, the LED lamps, the different colors of light they dreamed up for different types of jewelry such as white vs yellow gold, diamonds vs colored stones, they tell you that all you have to do is click on the brightness and contrast settings in the photo editing software that you can download for free off the Internet, they talk and talk, and every word is absolute rubbish. How do I dare make such a bold statement... easy, I have tested expensive light boxes when looking for a faster easier way to photograph jewelry and none of them came anywhere close to being more than a total rip-off. And of course none of the light box companies ever demonstrate in Real Time that any of their claims are true. Yes, they show a few remarkable pictures they claim were made with their light boxes, but they never show the hours it took to fix that image to look anywhere near acceptable for online sales or catalogues, or any manner of sales venue. Instead they demand that you take their word for it, after all, they do present themselves as very likeable sincere people.


Examining the Vocabulary: Most light box companies rave about what they call Sparkle Lights, that these will pop your pictures with Sparkle. What does the word Sparkle mean?

sparkle |ˈspärkəl|

verb [ no obj. ]

  1. shine brightly with flashes of light:her earrings sparkled as she turned her head.

Note the word Flashes, it implies motion. Now note the phrase sparkled as she turned her head, most definitely motion is stated. So, to get Sparkle you must have motion.

Okay, but a photograph is a Still Image, it is a fraction of a split second frozen in time, there is no motion, it's not a motion picture such as a video. Instead of Sparkle you get frozen sparkle, which is none other than a hideous glare.

Why are they selling you a Sparkle Light for taking a photo?

Light box companies sell their empty promises priced from $200.00 to $22,000. Regardless of price these light boxes use the exact same type of lighting, in other words, there is no difference between the pictures you will get from a $200.00 box and a $22,000 box. It's just that for $22,000 you get lured into their magical software, magical because it defies the laws of physics. They boast that it is automated, it does everything for you, and yet, nothing could be further from the truth if you are expecting high end professional pictures against a pure white or pitch black, or any other background. The laws of physics say that these claims are nonsense. If you have ever used a photo editing software you are likely familiar with a tool called the 'Magic Wand'. The idea is simple, click on the background, it selects all of that color, then click delete and what you are supposed to get is the object image floating in empty space. But when you try it it never works. This is because the premise is 100% dependent upon having stark contrast, for example, if the object is pure black and the background is light grey, then yes, you will get a reasonable albeit imperfect result. But we're photographing jewelry, it's shiny, often times silver or white gold that is not in stark contrast with the background of many shades of grey and some white, so when you click to select the background it leaves some background unselected and some of the jewelry selected, neither is desirable, the result is a ragged saw toothed mess that will take hours to repair. But, maybe you do not see this problem right off because you did not know how to task the seller to show real proof, for example, Oh, so they tell me that this is a perfect separation of the object from the background, okay, then drop that ring into a black background and let's see how it really looks, and what you will see is an absolute mess. These sellers of high dollar light boxes with magical software have not conquered the laws of physics, no matter how red faced they protest. What they are expert at are half truths.


Fact: not a single professional jewelry photographer uses these even though the $22,000 price tag is well below the investment real pros make in their studios.

Let's keep it simple, Light Box Sellers never demonstrate in Real Time that their claims are true. Meanwhile you're looking to invest in a real solution, and that means you deserve to see proof.


Visiting a legitimate professional jewelry photography studio:
These guys are in business because they do provide a high value service and product.
What you will see if ever you are allowed into the inner studio is that these professionals are very serious; they use only photo flash lighting.

There are no light boxes, no tents, and no tabletop gizmos. You will see a variety of custom made sets, each designed for a specific type of jewelry, rings vs bracelets vs necklaces, and so on. It took them years to figure these sets out. So chances are you will never be granted access to the inner studio to see their secrets. These studios are very protective, their livelihood depends entirely upon the mysterious ways they produce beautiful pictures of jewelry. If you were them, you would be just as secretive, so please do not fault them.


PhotoCubics Inc., FlashBox:

Just like a professional studio, FlashBox uses Professional Photo Flash.

Just like a professional studio FlashBox includes specific sets/props that took years to figure out, different props for different types of jewelry.

Just like a professional studio you can count on getting beautiful professional pictures of your jewelry, but without the high cost per image because you take the pictures yourself and within a few short minutes you have a picture that will sell more jewelry and products faster, which is exactly what you want and need. 

And now all the reasons that FlashBox is superior to hiring a professional jewelry photography studio:

  1. It cost a tiny fraction of what it cost to build a professional studio because unlike the real pro or the tabletop or light boxes, FlashBox only takes on average from 30 seconds to 3 minutes start to finish per high quality professional image. Time is the real cost of photographing jewelry. Time is money.
  2. The cost per image if you pay an employee $15.00 per hour ($15.00 cost employer $20.00) to operate it will be about $1.00 vs $35.00 to several hundreds of dollars you'd pay a pro studio.
  3. Professional studios charge big bucks every time you hire them, $35.00 per image and more, so in no time at all the cost spiral out of control.
  4. FlashBox does not require a large studio space that consumes rent money every month.
  5. FlashBox takes a few hours to a few days vs several years to master high end professional jewelry and product photography.
  6. No need to clean up or separate the background from the photographed object because FlashBox delivers a pure white or pitch black background right out of the camera, and no fantastical law of physics defying software magic wands the other guys frog leg you into using. You see our Real Time Demo Videos, FlashBox is as real as it gets.
  7. FlashBox was created by a legitimate professional jewelry and product photographer with a twist, having a long background innovating streamlined production systems, product design and development, and an unwavering determination to make what appears to be irrevocably difficult tasks into simple tasks, because whenever something we do is hard it is because it is being done wrong no matter what the rest of the world accepts. True progress is made by those who refuse the status quo and go against the grain to innovate new and vastly superior solutions.
  8. FlashBox fits on your desktop.
  9. FlashBox "V" versions also also make 360 videos, the easiest fastest best way to show the Sparkle in your jewelry.
  10. You can have your pictures within a few minutes vs two or more weeks from a hired pro studio.
  11. And more advantages.

PhotoCubics shows you in real time that all of our claims are true. No one else does, and honestly that is because their claims are not true, otherwise they would not hesitate to prove it to you in Real Time.

PhotoCubics proves our claims in real time... FlashBox images from the camera are 90% where they need to be before any photo editing is done, high quality in, higher quality out compared to garbage in garbage out one gets from any tabletop gizmo, light tent, or any lightbox no matter how cheap or expensive.

Only FlashBox comes with easy to learn 'How To Tutorial Videos', easy because the image you start with is 90% or more where it needs to be right out of the camera. This is also why we can provide Master Level Customer Support, because we won't have to spend days and weeks trying to teach you how to be a photo editing guru.

Bottom Line:
Making your commitment to success means investing for the long haul. You know that you cannot use half-baked pictures to build success.

Common Sense tells you it is not possible to replace a specialized professional jewelry or product photographer at the price of a middle class restaurant dinner for one. On the other side of the spectrum you do your homework and also learn not to be duped out of $22,000 for a $400.00 light box. Never mind the bells and whistles, those are worthless because the foundation is flawed, meaning the light used in all light boxes is all wrong for professional photography.

The success stories of respected trusted online sellers of jewelry and products all, without exception, use sharp images against pure white background, this is the number one reason why they grew from small companies into larger companies; their pictures convey desire through beautiful image quality, which in turn conveys trust, and customers only buy from sellers they believe are trustworthy.

Success is a choice. Choose PhotoCubics.