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Jewelry Photography Secrets:

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There are many wrong ways to photograph jewelry  & products. Real photography is not about fixing images in photo editing & retouching, it's about getting great images out of the camera and then just a little tweak in edit to make them pop. PhotoCubics' FlashBox makes it real.

Here are just a few of the secrets you'll learn


Understand how a camera really works. It's a lot more than just pressing a button.

Photographic Lighting

Why don't the lighting kits, light boxes, tabletop kits, or studio set ups you bought work as promised?

True Color

Why are the color of your images so different on other computers?
Why do your print image color not match the the color of your digital file?
And more.


Why, when using a light box or tent or other tabletop kit, your photographs of diamonds look milky instead of clear?


Every piece of jewelry is unique, hence the way a piece is positioned/composed for taking a photograph really does make a huge difference.

360 Video

Nothing sells more rings than 360 video, and when you think about it this actually makes perfect sense.

Jewelry Photography used to be the most difficult photography...

...and you probably think it still is because you've bought an expensive camera and macro lens and one or more jewelry photography kits, or maybe you invested heavily in professional studio lighting, but still it is a huge ordeal that devours gobs of expensive time for photo editing & retouching each image.

The light tents, light boxes, tabletop kits, even the expensive professional light kits, and expensive camera and lens, were supposed to produce stunning pictures; the camera store clerk, and all of the blogs, and YouTube videos promised magic, but at the end of the day your pictures cost way too much in time and fall well short of your image quality expectations.

The truth is that the camera store clerk is a clerk who like the bloggers are not professional photographers specializing in jewelry, and the YouTube videos were posted by people hoping to sell you their gimmicky tents, light boxes, tabletop kits, or for fee online classes.

Reason says that because none of these people are professionals specializing in Jewelry Photography, then none of them are qualified to give you advice in the same manner you would not take medical advice from a car mechanic.

PhotoCubics FlashBox is the only professional jewelry photography solution because it is the only solution created by a true legitimate specialized professional jewelry photographer.


Beautiful images against a pristine white background in on average 30 seconds to 3 minutes
Pitch Black and color backgrounds are even faster and easier.
Sparkling 360 videos is about 5 minutes ready to upload to your e-commerce site.

Selling jewelry online is hyper competitive...

only true competitors survive and win...

Success driven people invest for success...

investing in superior images is the magic that drives online sales success...

It's a verifiable fact that beautiful pictures against a pristine white background sell more jewelry faster.

360 Videos sell more jewelry faster

Invest the time to know what is real, watch our real time demo.

Conquer photographing jewelry

and see your sales trend up to success