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Only Perfect Light can make Perfect Pictures

Everyone wants to know what makes FlashBox special.


We're the only company in the industry that respects and obeys Rule Number One: the definition of Photography: (this may sound outrageous, but it is a fact in plain sight when you ask the right questions.)
Photo=Light and Graph=Draw/Paint.
Photography is all about painting with light.

: A camera is a recording device, it does not create or modify light, it can only record how one paints with light. That few know this does not make it less true.

Painting with light is not so bland as pointing a light at a subject; if you've tried that you know it doesn't work.

Painting with Light requires shaping and directing light, distributing it in a specific manner to achieve the desired effect.

For point of sale jewelry and product photography we must have sharp details against a pure white background. This requires a different ratio of background lighting as opposed to the foreground.

It's called photography, not photo editing. In real photography the goal is to get 90%+ of the desired image out of the camera without editing. Then we need only to refine the remaining 10%.

FlashBox paints perfect light and reduces the edit time from an hour or more down to just a few minutes. That's real photography, not photo repair.

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FlashBox has no rival.