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Shot with Canon Rebel SL1 with 18-55mm lens;
combined cost: $419


Shot with ($3,500) Canon 5d Mkii ($1,300) and 50mm Carl Zeis Makro Planar 2.0 ZE lens... combined cost $4,800


 It's the light, not the camera and lens.

Cameras are not created equally! It's easy to over spend. Don't.

DSLR cameras come in a wide range of price and the average person does not really understand the why of this, but they assume that the more a camera cost then the better that camera must be compared to lower priced DSLRs.

However, this is not true.

Cameras are priced for their features and type of photography.

For example, full frame sensor cameras with a lot of megapixels are expensive, and are made for studio and portrait photography of slow moving or still subjects when making large hard copy prints is the goal.

Crop sensor cameras, not full frame, are sold at from low to medium prices.

The higher priced crop sensors are ideal for shooting fast moving subjects. These cameras focus and shoot faster than their more expensive full frame big brothers and their low priced little brothers.

When we look at photographing products and jewelry we are photographing still subjects, they are not moving. And our display venue of the pictures is typically for online stores, and sometimes small to medium size prints. So we do not need to pay more for a fast focus fast shooting camera, and we do not need all of the features and megapixels of an expensive full frame camera.

All we need to take amazing pictures of product and jewelry is an entry level DSLR that you can get with a kit lens for under $500. That's about one third the price of the camera body for shooting fast moving subjects, and one seventh the price of a full frame camera body (body, not including lens)

How does this help you other than saving money on the camera and lens? Easy, all that money you save by not buying overkill on camera and lens is money that can be put to far better service and rewards for you... put those saved dollars into what photography really is... LIGHT.

Photo = Light, Graph = Draw/Paint, painting with light is what photography is all about, not camera and lens. The camera can only record the lighted event you show it. If your light is wrong, then no matter how much money you invest in a camera, the pictures will be terrible. Imagine having a $60,000 Hasselblad kit and thinking, "Wow, I'm going to have trophy pictures." Wrong... very wrong, not even a $60,000 camera can paint the light, it can only record the event, so wrong lighting still gets you wrong pictures every time.

PhotoCubics is all about perfect photographic lighting. Look at the pictures at the top of the page, it is next to impossible to say which is better, but one is taken with a $500 camera kit and the other with a $4,800 camera kit. And the why of it is simple, both pictures were taken with the perfect light of FlashBox. Not only that, both pictures took about one minute from start to finish including the photo editing time.

I hope this information is helpful to you and saves you from buying an expensive camera and lens that every photographer friend and every camera store clerk tells you to buy, because no matter how much you spend, you're still going to have to solve the Light.

FlashBox is the only real answer for perfect lighting, but until you research what others offer and make them prove to you that their claims are true, well, you just cannot know for sure, unless you've already suffered the pitfalls of trying the studio methods, or bought into tabletop gizmos and so called photo light boxes, if you've travelled those routes then you know just how painful and terribly expensive they are; I'm not refering to purchase price, I'm talking about the Real Cost, the Cost of what it takes to produce marginally acceptable pictures using the wrong tools. 

Your photography is critical to the success of your online sales, you cannot afford to be careless with your images.
You must have amazing pictures to build online sales success.
If you will take the time to do the real math you will find absolute proof that inferior pictures cost you incalculable lost sales. And if you calculate the cost in time of producing amazing images you will find that only FlashBox can produce an amazing picture against a pure white background in as little as 30 seconds compared to 30 plus minutes doing it some other way such as using a light box. Time is real money.

It's your business, you got into it to build success, so you should know that only the best tools are profit makers. FlashBox is a huge profit maker. FlashBox has absolutely no rival.