Desktop Professional Photography & 360 Video Light Studio
for jewelry, watches, shoes, handbags: tiny to medium size items
Pure white or pitch black background in less than a minute.
Editorial creative backgrounds are even faster... a snapshot

Work Smart.

Today's online shoppers are far more sophisticated than before... if you don't show them your items with great images they simply click the mouse and never come back.

Made in the USA
Built-in Professional Photo Flash for authentic professional pictures, and True 5,500 Kelvin Video Lamps for high end professional video lighting.

LightPassTechnology 45h

 Aircraft Aluminum Construction w/ antioxidant clear coat.

What's included:

(1) Flash Tube set
(1) 16 Channel Wireless Trigger set
(1) Universal Jewelry Stage
(1) Set White Contrast Panels
(1) Set High Contrast Panels
(1) Crystal Platen w/Swivel Base (for rings)
(1) Set HMS, white, black, and grey
(1) 9 inch power turntable (removable)
(Optional) Lens Disc, hide camera from reflection
(Optional) 9 inch turntable Opal Glass surface
(Optional) 15 inch power turntable (removable)

$4,495.00 (S/H and Options are extra)

(1) Camera Bracket with Ball Head
(1) Set of Necklace Suction Hooks
(1) Set of Gobos
(1) Focus Lamp
(1) Detachable Power Cord
(1) Dangly Earring Stand
(1) Magic Watch Kit (eliminates the uglies)
(1) LED Video Lamp set (5,500K)

We also make custom props and accessories. For example, for footwear, eyewear, so on.

A21V includes 360 Video

Includes PhotoCubics' 360 Turntable + white HMS round surface + High Output 5,500 Kelvin Video Lighting.

Password Access to 'How To Tutorial Videos'
"No Excuses" Customer Support.

Sell more jewelry/products faster

average time is a minute per image that does the selling for you.

See more pictures

Demo Video

See in Real Time how fast it is to make successful images with FlashBox A21V.

See more demo videos

Only Perfect Light makes Perfect Pictures & 360 Videos

What's Included

360 Video

Powered professional 9 inch 360 Removable Turntable. (Optional Opal Glass Turntable Surface available.)
(Optional 15 inch Turntable available.)
Flash is the professional light for photography, but for video we must use continuous lighting.
5,500 Kelvin 90+ CRI LED lighting for professional video deliver correct vibrant colors, balanced highlights, mid-tones, and shadows.

Built-in Professional Flash

Blows away fluorescent, tungsten, LED 
Correct Vibrant Colors in your images
Pure White Background
Pitch Black Background
Balanced highlights, midtones, and shadows
It's not just Flash, it's so much more... click

LightPassTechnology 45h

(image is artistic representation, not actual flash units)

Wireless Flash Trigger

Neater work space - no wires to get tangled up in.
16 Channels ensures no interference from your store's security or communications systems.

Contrast Panels

Jewelry and Product photography spans endless possibilities...
Some pieces need high contrast.
Some pieces need low contrast.
You get both.

Universal Stage

Unbreakable light diffusing polymer
Supports necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more. Use in vertical or horizontal positions.

High Mirror Surfaces (HMS)

When you want real and natural reflections, not photo edit fakes.
White, Black, and Grey.


The word Gobo means 'go between'. Used to add more drama to an image. Our Tutorial Videos show you how.
One long and two short Gobos

Camera Bracket

is not needed to take photos with FlashBox, but for 360 video the camera needs to be stabilized.
Also useful for index and scale photos.
Includes Ball Head.

Necklace Hooks

Three suction hooks mount to interior ceiling of FlashBox, (2 to spread and 1 to pull the chain slack.) Mostly used for pitch black or editorial backgrounds

Crystal Platen with Swivel

Mount a ring once and swivel into any angle of view to capture the perfect composition.
Aluminum slide rail mounts to swivel.
Special colorless glass unlike standard glass so there is no green color pollution to your images.

Magic Watch Kit

The age old frustrations of Photographing watches is over. PhotoCubics' Watch Kit is like magic, make sensational pictures like you see here in a few minutes compared to hours doing it any other way.

(watches not included)

Dangly Earring Stand

For hook-ins, hoops, and other dangly earrings.

(earrings not included)

Other included parts

Detachable power cord

Heavy duty brass (not plastic) rotary on/off switch

Please read before ordering

You must be a verifiable original FlashBox customer to qualify to buy any of our options and/or replacement parts.

Shipping and Handling charges will applied to every order.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


Spare Flash Tube Set (Optional)

Flash Tubes have a serviceable lifespan of 8,000 flashes.

International customers required to order spare Flash Tubes.

White Glass Turntable Disc (Optional)

Opal White Glass Discs makes it possible to use hot glue to position a piece to the disc, opening more creative composition possibilities. Available only for the 9 inch turntable.

Do-It-Yourself Props (Optional)

Blank Prop Material made of Light Diffusing unbreakable polymer, the same as we use for most of the props we do include with FlashBox.
To cut, simply scribe and snap. This polymer is cold bendable, no heat required.
(1) 20 x 24 inch sheet

Real Time Demo Videos

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