Photography means draw/paint with light to get professional images from the camera.
It does not mean fixing a poor image because that's like turning a pig's ear into a silk purse.

Our videos are in real time so you know for sure there are no tricky edits intended to mislead.

These are demonstrations, not tutorials. Our tutorials are for customers only.

Remember when the were no digital cameras... when real photographers had to understand light before they could take any kind of good picture. Nothing has changed except perception, because photography is and always has been and always will be about painting with light.

Selling online is brutally competitive.
Look at successful online stores... they all have one thing in common: Great images.

You want to know what is real... then make the other guys prove in real time that their products are real... they won't do it because their products can't do it.

This is a full length demonstration clearly demonstrating what FlashBox does. However since the time of making this video a few things have changed, we now include most options, added new accessories, and discontinued some. We will post a new video shortly.

Note: We reserve the right to make without notice, changes to our products and offerings.
We never sit on our hands, we're always working to create new faster easier solutions.

FlashBox paints the perfect light for you.